Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Wanderline! 

My name is Lauren Mitchell. I'm a self-taught Brisbane artist with a passion for detail!

The name Wanderline reflects my style of work which is ‘to move in a leisurely or aimless way’ – that’s basically me with a Sharpie or paintbrush in hand. 

It may seem like some of my artwork, such as my Cities range, represents structure and planning, but really they have evolved from a wandering creativity, trusting where it takes me. Each piece, from start to finish, entails an epic journey of adventure and intrigue and it’s this feeling that I hope to share with the owner of each piece. 

I am the kind of person who never stops... even in my sleep I sleep walk most nights. But in those pockets of time, that I manage to steal, you will find me lost in my art (with my adopted cat, Panda, by my side). Art allows me a place of zen – even if just for a moment in time. 

And, oh my goodness, I love Sharpies! In fact I have over 300 of them! I am, however, working on some exciting new projects to include acrylics and resins as well as a colouring in range. My goal is to publish a colouring in book with the hope to partner with a domestic violence charity or service to help raise money and support those in need. It's a cause close to my heart. 

I have sold hundreds of originals and prints all over the world and feel so grateful that you have taken the time to view my art and considered giving it a home. 

If you love my style but have something else in mind please let me know as I also do commissioned pieces. 

Wishing you a blissful day and remember – wandering aimlessness can hold such purpose.

Lauren x