Little Towns | Colouring Sheets


Need to de-stress? Colouring-in is brilliant for the mind. It's a stress-free activity that relaxes the amygdala which is the 'fear' centre of the brain. Switching off allows your mind to get the much-deserved rest it needs.

Lose yourself colouring-in these intricate little illustrations. Each one is different, and form part of a bigger collection and will also be included in an upcoming colouring-in book (watch this space!)

Printed on a thicker, uncoated paper, these colouring sheets are perfect for pencils, textas or even acrylic paint if you're feeling confident! Plus, if you're happy with the end result, you can always put them in standard A4/A3 sized frames and show off your sweet skills!

There are many different types of cities, landscapes, and busy little sceneries still to be created. Sold individually or in a set of 3 - collect them all!

Note: Please contact me if you wish to purchase in larger quantities.